ABIBOO believes that design has an enormous capacity to improve the quality of people’s lives. The designs that shape our built environments deeply affect our minds, bodies, and souls, providing the material frameworks for almost all of our daily activities and interactions. Through socially attentive, sustainable, and innovative designs, we strive to make significant contributions to societal wellbeing.

ABIBOO Studio’s team boasts over 20 years of global experience in architecture, digital art, and space architecture in the following sectors: self-sufficient townships, extreme conditions, residential, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use, interiors, and virtual environments.

ABIBOO-Spain focuses on architectural and urban design. ABIBOO-USA leads the interior design and the Research & Development initiatives. ABIBOO-India supports the rest of the firm’s operations. Additionally, ABIBOO has a network of remote team members from different locations in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia.


Some of the most exciting creations of ABIBOO Studio emerge during daily meetings in ABIBOO’s “virtual room”, where different team members across the globe contribute their unique experiences and backgrounds. ABIBOO’s “decentralized-creative-brain” offers a unique approach to an architectural atelier, and is an important tool for the innovation-driven processes of the firm.

ABIBOO’s founder, Alfredo Munoz, fosters an environment that leverages the creative power of diversity, technology, and multiculturality in order to invent spaces that are original and efficient.

Before founding ABIBOO Studio, Alfredo performed senior executive roles at Toyo Ito (winner of the Pritzker Prize), and Skidmore-Owings-Merrill (recipient of 1,700 awards). He also worked during his early career as an architectural designer for Iñaki Ábalos (former Chair of Harvard GSD) and Alberto Campo-Baeza (winner of the Arnold Brunner Prize).

Expertise in Strategy, Architecture and Design:


  • Site Selection and Feasibility Studies.
  • Urban Design. Smart Cities, Self-sufficient Townships, and Urban Revitalization Strategies.
  • Architecture, Interior Design and FF&E. New Construction Developments and Renovation Projects.
  • Space Architecture. Sustainable Off-world Settlements.
  • Digital Art. Virtual Environments.

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At ABIBOO Studio, we believe in creating better habitats through the restorative power of design and generosity. Approximately 10% of our human and financial resources are dedicated to social commitment projects around the world. Through our philanthropy initiatives, we specialize in providing logistical, financial, personnel, and know-how support for the following:

  1. Fostering the global exchange of knowledge and promoting the best practices in artistic, cultural, and anthropological education in a globalized world.
  2. Sustainable development of emerging countries.
  3. Safe infrastructure development in emergency situations.
  4. Promoting the educational and spatial development of children.

ABIBOO Studio’s team has participated in different projects as part of our social commitment. These can be reviewed in the “Our Impact” section of the Think Tank.