Mission Hills is an urban development located on a mountain near Mumbai, India. The parcel has an area of 215 acres distributed in 10 sectors with diverse needs and regulations. The site also surrounds a small traditional village. The program required multifunctional and contemporary urbanism, which would house diverse activities and highlight the topographical character of the plot, the latter being the most imposing determinant in the entire development of the project.

The center of the township becomes the heart of the project, a park located at the top of the mountain allows contemplation and restfulness. Further from this highest point, the architecture camouflaged with nature opens up, revealing the mix between residential and commercial areas of different ranges.

The central park is surrounded by a ring-shaped road that connects all the urbanism, while to the north, the buildings, townhouses and high-end villas claim their presence as constructed areas and seek balance with their natural environment.

To the south, architecture mimics nature, disappearing even in the hotel located on the limits of the plot, where the cricket court host the inhabitants who get around to enjoy India’s most popular sport.

On the western side of the central park, there is an educational area conceived to enjoy the impressive views and to contemplate the sunsets and the valley that surrounds the plot.

The east side of the township has the peculiarity of containing the traditional village, whose organic layout seams perfectly with the new roads network, which takes advantage of the topography allowing comfortable journeys by car, bicycle or walking through the entire urbanism.

The eight million Sq. Ft. of construction form urbanism that responds to the innovation needs in terms of mobility, housing, sustainability, and urban comfort. The township spaces, designed to be in perfect sync with nature, are conceived to be the stage where the inhabitants can build a strong community.

Location: Khalapur, India.

Tipology: Townships.

Plot Size: 215 acres.

Build Up: 8.0 million Sq. Ft.

Services: Urban Planning. Masterplan.


Senior Design Team:
Alfredo Munoz, Saioa Patino, Ana Marquez, Paula Granadillo.

ABIBOO Studio.

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