This low-cost hospital projected for Angola is fully prefabricated. This modular solution allows a cost-effective solution, fast construction, the possibility for future extensions, and scalability of the solution to other sites across the country.

The hospital comprises a large rectangular module with the main program. Additionally, two secondary modules are attached: one for facilities and the other with apartments for visiting personnel or for relatives of patients of prolonged duration.

The three programmatic modules are joined with a large roof that protects against climatic agents, whose openings generate an attractive play of lights and shadows. The façade with a colorful colonnade, together with the zenithal openings, composes an interesting kinetic game that confers the formal character to the project.

The hospital is organized around a central courtyard. The public area is divided into a cafeteria, administrative offices, bathrooms, pharmacy, information center, and waiting areas clearly differentiated for the clinic and laboratory as well as for the patient area. The emergency area has its access and clear connections with the surgery and patients area. In the patient’s area there are rooms for 1, 2 and 3 people, with doctor’s offices and nursing stations arranged around two ventilation patios. The employees’ area, with spaces for resting, hygiene and leisure functions as a gear between the patients’ area allowing the optimal development of the hospital’s day-to-day life.

Location: Luanda, Angola.

Tipology: Institutional. Healthcare.

Plot Size: 250,000 Sq. Ft

Build Up: 140,000 Sq. Ft

Services: Architecture, Interiors, Structural & MEP Services. Concept & Schematic Design.


Senior Design Team:
Alfredo Munoz, Emiliano D’Incecco, Saioa Patino, Ana Marquez, Joanna Siejak, Juan Jose Ortega.

ABIBOO Studio + Vekon.

ABIBOO Studio + Vekon.

ABIBOO Studio.

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