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Help from a personal assistant can be half world away:

More than 2,200 miles separate New York City architect Alfredo Munoz from his personal assistant, Karen Cohen, who is based in Panama.

They’ve never so much as shaken hands, and yet he trusts her with everything: his credit card numbers, his worldwide travel, his research. She schedules his business appointments in Spain, India and the U.S. (…)

A mother of four, she stresses that a virtual assistant gig allows her to enjoy the perks of working at home. Plus, she loves working with a U.S. client because of the time zone match between Panama and New York City. “Its easier to schedule appointments and to deliver on time,” she says.

After more than three years, the arrangement is working out beautifully, says Munoz, the founder of Abiboo Architecture. “It’s funny what globalization can achieve.” (…)

Munoz says his deal with Cohen has worked because they were able to build trust over time. He started her with small tasks such as scheduling routine appointments and email correspondence and then worked up to confidential information. “Both sides must be very organized as remote work needs even more planning and attention to details,” he says.

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La ayuda de una asistente personal puede estar a medio mundo de distancia:

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