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Luxury Living
Vivienda De Lujo


Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… Luxury living: the new exclusive homes, by ABIBOO Studio What is a luxury home today? The definition goes beyond personalization and exclusive design, quality materials, and a privileged location. The new luxury requires that a house becomes a center of emotional experiences tailored to the sensitivity of those

The Post Covid-19 Architecture
La Arquitectura Después Del Covid-19

COVID19 Architecture

Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… Brief ideas on the Post Covid-19 residential space and the new cities, by ABIBOO Studio The coronavirus and confinement have put the focus on the places where we live. Throughout history, architecture has proposed solutions to alleviate epidemics that have plagued humanity. How will we now design our

ABIBOO Studio Opens Office in Miami
ABIBOO Studio Inicia Oficina en Miami

ABIBOO Studio Miami

Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… The city of Miami has transformed into an outdoor art museum. What was a swamp a bit more than a century ago has turned into a vibrant recipient of great architectural gems and exciting art exhibitions. The tremendous multicultural influence that has converged on the city of Miami

El Trabajo Remoto: Una Alternativa Tras el COVID-19

ABIBOO Studio - Remote work

Recientemente el mundo ha estado viviendo una de las crisis más fuertes desde la Gran Depresión, el planeta entero se ha detenido con la llegada del COVID-19 trayendo consigo medidas de aislamiento y distanciamiento social. Como resultado muchas empresas han decidido mandar a todos sus empleados a casa y adaptar sus actividades al teletrabajo. En

The Sustainable Offworld Network
Exploración Extraterrestre Sostenible


Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… ABIBOO Studio is happy to join forces with a talented group of global leaders to invent solutions for sustainable off-world exploration. The text that follows is an excerpt from the SONet website. For the full information, please refer to the source indicated below. We believe in the benefits

Logra el éxito durante la pandemia con trabajo a distancia

ABIBOO Studio - Remote work

En los equipos de trabajo, la comunicación siempre es clave. Trabajando remoto esto puede diluirse sin siquiera percibirlo. Es importante crear estrategias adecuadas que se ajusten a las necesidades de tu equipo y a los resultados que necesitan conseguir. La utilización de plataformas digitales es nuestro presente, es momento de sacarle provecho a la llamada

Project Sketches. Part Three
Croquis de Proyectos. Tercera Parte


Para español, leer debajo de las imágenes… ABIBOO Studio was started nine years ago by a group of passionate architects and designers committed to innovation. Since then, we have been fortunate to design, manage, and work on the development of residential, offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational, cultural, and mixed-use buildings across five continents. We have

ABIBOO in IW Special Detail ’19


Para español, leer debajo de las imágenes… We would like to thank “IW Magazine” for their interest in our work! The text below is an excerpt from the publication. For the full article/ publication, please refer to the source indicated below. Detail ’19 In the IW Magazine annual compilation entitled Detail, well-known local and international

ABIBOO in Living


Para español, leer debajo de las imágenes… We would like to thank “Living” Magazine for their interest in our work! Visual Impact This publication is only available in Portuguese. Sorry for the inconvenience. The copyright of photos, images, videos, and ideas indicated in this Think Tank section belong to each artist/ creative studio/ company mentioned

ABIBOO´s Philanthropy
Filantropía de ABIBOO


Para español, leer debajo de las imágenes… At ABIBOO Studio, we believe in creating better habitats through the restorative power of design and generosity. Approximately 10% of our human and financial resources are dedicated to social commitment projects around the world. Areas of particular interest at ABIBOO Studio as part of our philanthropy initiatives are