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Mobile Home for the Digital Nomads
Vivienda Móvil para Nómadas Digitales

mobile home for digital nomads

Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… A Mobile Home for Digital Nomads, by ABIBOO Studio The modern nomadic lifestyle has a growing number of followers thanks to the increase of remote work. Its habitats are digital nomads who live in adapted vans for long periods or even permanently. Which are the requirements that these

Nüwa Martian City, Explained
Explicación de la ciudad de Nüwa, Marte

Martian landscape. ABIBOO Studio - SONet

Para español, leer debajo del video… Living on Mars: live presentation of Nüwa at the 2020 Mars Convention   Can humans live on Mars in the near future? The answer is in Nüwa, a self-sufficient and sustainable city of one million people. The project is part of an exhaustive scientific work for a competition by

Luxury Living
Vivienda De Lujo


Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… Luxury living: the new exclusive homes, by ABIBOO Studio What is a luxury home today? The definition goes beyond personalization and exclusive design, quality materials, and a privileged location. The new luxury requires that a house becomes a center of emotional experiences tailored to the sensitivity of those

The Post Covid-19 Architecture
La Arquitectura Después Del Covid-19

COVID19 Architecture

Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… Brief ideas on the Post Covid-19 residential space and the new cities, by ABIBOO Studio The coronavirus and confinement have put the focus on the places where we live. Throughout history, architecture has proposed solutions to alleviate epidemics that have plagued humanity. How will we now design our

ABIBOO Studio Opens Office in Miami
ABIBOO Studio Inicia Oficina en Miami

ABIBOO Studio Miami

Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… ABIBOO Studio opens a new office in Miami specialized in Luxury Interior Design. ABIBOO Studio expands internationally with the opening of an office in Miami (USA). Located in the Art District of Wynwood, the new office specializes in luxury homes interior design with the innovative view that characterizes the firm.

The Sustainable Offworld Network
Exploración Extraterrestre Sostenible


Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… ABIBOO´s team joins the Executive Board at SONet network for Sustainable Off-world Exploration. ABIBOO Studio has joined the SONet (Sustainable Offworld Network), a network of academic professionals dedicated to seeking sustainable exploration solutions outside Earth, especially on the Moon and Mars. The architect Alfredo Muñoz, founder of ABIBOO

Architectural Visualizations. Part 2
Visualizaciones Arquitectónicas. Parte 2


Para español, leer debajo del video… In this video, we show the transformation of architectural sketches into renders or photos of some of our projects. The projects shown, in order of appearance are Kothari Villas, Gauri Aman, Lavanya, Guggenheim Helsinki competition, Inder House, and Bluegrass Club & Gallery. We hope you enjoy it! Visualizaciones

ABIBOO Speaks about Leveraging Power of Design
Maximizar el Poder del Diseño


Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… We would like to thank “Friends of Europe” for inviting ABIBOO´s founder to share his ideas at the 2019 State of Europe & Presidents Dinner on the topic of “Vision Innovation for Europe”! The text below is an excerpt from the conference program. This high-level event, now in

Project Sketches. Part Three
Croquis de Proyectos. Tercera Parte


Para español, leer debajo de las imágenes… ABIBOO Studio was started nine years ago by a group of passionate architects and designers committed to innovation. Since then, we have been fortunate to design, manage, and work on the development of residential, offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational, cultural, and mixed-use buildings across five continents. We have

ABIBOO Speaks about B(l)ooming Innovation
Catapultar la Innovación


Para español, leer debajo de la imagen… We would like to thank “Friends of Europe” for inviting ABIBOO´s founder to share his ideas at the European Young Leaders Conference on the topic of “Imperative Change; Catching up with the Future”! Moderators: Markus Freiburg. CEO and co-founder Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship (FASE). Andreas Kunze. CEO