ABIBOO Studio creates total immersive experiences thanks to the power of three-dimensional environments and virtual reality.

The Studio has produced innovative virtual reality experiences for clients and partners such as Louis Vuitton, and our digital art and virtual environments have been featured by media outlets such as Forbes and Euronews, among others.

ABIBOO Studio leverages the firm´s award-winning expertise in innovative architectural spaces to translate the digital world into a new hyper-realistic environments. We aim to lead new solutions for the metaverse ecosystem and the digital art world. Our multidisciplinary team of designers, architects, and engineers work closely to create magical software that communicates real-time with the users.

We envision an optimistic future in the confluence of architecture, art, and technology. Immersive stories can alter people’s experience of space and time more than any other medium. Three-dimensional technology can draw the viewer into a hyper-realistic journey that transcends their imagination.

Immersive Virtual Experiences

Our software and digital art provide new ways to share memorable stories and to experience future worlds. Our determination to merge innovation in architectural spaces, software and immersive simulations has led us to develop 3D interactive environments that we envision can comprise a valuable part of a future Metaverse. 


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