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The Origin of Creativity

The ingredients of a truly global personality could be a secure sense of self coupled with a respectful acceptance of the dynamic, which one usually has little control over.

Such a personality is Chennai, the city. Erstwhile Madras has always stood apart for her slow if not inevitable acceptance of global influences. For now, let’s talk architecture, all the way from the Colonial to Post Modern influences.

If one was to identify the representations of the evolving Chennai architecture, as an article in The Hindu did, a selective recalling would read something like this;  Fort St. George is a classic icon of Classical architecture, the Senate House and the Victoria Memorial Hall are Colonial icons with influences of Indo-Saracenic (or otherwise called Indo-Gothic or Neo-Mughal) architecture.

The Dare House is embodies the Art Deco style while Valluvar Kottam, which houses a block modelled after the Tiruvarur ‘ther’ (temple car) is a study in the Eclectic style of architecture. The Rani Meyammai and Rajah Muthiah Hall are interesting structures with modern influences. And the high-rise glass behemoths with their unmistakable stamp of globalisation are indicative of the Post Modern.

In such global, a city, where does a world-renowned architect like Alfredo Muñoz Herrero fit in? Clear Estate discovers all that the city and the person have in common. For one, both their personalities make the best of international influences. But where did they cross paths and what is making Munoz a rather well-known name in Chennai, both amongst developers and individual customers equally. (…)

Alfredo Munoz, the global personality who embodies qualities of a category leader did admit that the Abiboo team will always be more emotionally attached to the Chennai market. But having said that, he also clarified that, “The demand across the country can truly benefit from our singular approach to high quality and originality. Just as we have learned a lot from our experience in other countries, I have learned a lot from India and I intend to stay for a very long time”

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