Bluegrass club & gallery are the common areas of a larger new residential luxury complex. The plot, located between the city’s river and two of its main rad arteries, has numerous old and beautiful trees. Maintaining the trees was one of the important aspects considered for the design. The organic form of the building responds to the natural environment around the building.

The social club, has three main levels distributed in a sports area with badminton and squash courts, a gym, a spa, and a beauty salon; a recreation area with a library, games room and multipurpose room and an outdoor recreation area with swimming pool, jacuzzi, basketball court, miniature golf, amphitheater, and other activities for all ages.

The sales gallery façade tucks in to generate large covered access with zenithal perforations, its interior is organized around a large lobby that distributes the circulations to private sales offices, semi-private lounges, the audiovisual and interactive room, models of the development, the nursery, and the sample flats. This gallery allows for welcoming diverse customers simultaneously and in an environment that is a representation of the development under construction.

Both the club and gallery are formally constituted from a ribbon that surrounds the residential podium that comprises a large amount of parking required for the residences. The widening and narrowing of the buildings generate a suggestive organic experience that breaks with the orthogonal and massive character of the residences. The green roofs, in perfect synchrony with the landscaping, prevent the separation between the natural environment and the built environment, and also generates multiple spaces for recreation and enjoyment, perfectly adapted to the city’s climatic conditions. 

Location:  Pune, India.

Tipology: Mixed Use. Hospitality & Offices.

Plot Size: 200,000 Sq. Ft.

Build Up: 100,000 Sq. Ft.

Services: Architecture & Interiors. Concept, Schematic & Design Development.


Senior Design team:

Alfredo Munoz, Manuel Pantoja, Saioa Patino, Ana Marquez, Carlos Rivas, Paula Granadillo.

Construction Documents & Construction Administration. Architecture:

PG. Patki Architects.

Construction Documents & Construction Administration. Interiors:

TADC Architects.


ABIBOO Studio + KPM Engineering.


KPM Engineering.


ABIBOO Studio + Waho Design.


ABIBOO Studio + TADC Architects.


ABIBOO Studio + TADC Architects.

Construction Project Manager:



ABIBOO Studio.

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